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Survey - ALTA

What is an ALTA survey? :

A land survey with especially stringent requirements as developed by a joint effort of the American Land Title Association and the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping. The ALTA standards are a nationwide uniform set of standards. The survey is specifically designed to satisfy the needs of lenders, corporations and title companies when dealing with valuable commercial properties.

View the current ALTA standards here. (Requires Adobe Acrobat)

View the current ALTA Table A Options here. (Requires Adobe Acrobat)

An ALTA survey is a more intensive survey than a boundary survey. In an ALTA survey, documents show information about property boundaries and easements, as well as utilities and improvements. An ALTA survey can be thought of as a boundary survey, a title survey, and an improvement location survey all in one.

Why do I need a Land Title Survey - ALTA survey? :

Generally speaking, ALTA surveys are performed for commercial or industrial properties and may be required by lenders, title companies, or attorneys. They are intended for your protection to make you aware of any possible encroachments or problems with the physical improvements both on, and adjacent to, your property.

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