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Geotechnical Services

Arrow Engineering's Geotechnical Division provides technologically advanced consulting services with expert capabilities in quality control, quality assurance testing, and inspection during construction. Our professional staff of registered engineers, and qualified engineering technicians certified in ACI, ICBO and AWS-CWI as required for all types of Special Inspection projects are available to serve you.

Team efforts on projects such as major land developments, large industrial projects, subdivisions, airports and commercial developments have made Arrow Engineering foremost in geotechnical services.
Investigations & Reports
Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments
Engineering Geology studies
Percolation testing and system design
Liquefaction studies
Soils engineering reports
Slope stability studies
Groundwater Investigations

Grading Inspection & Testing
Single-lot residential grading
Commercial/industrial grading
Asphalt inspection/Quality Control
Compaction/Density testing
Subdivision grading inspection
Utility trench backfill testing
Retaining wall backfill testing
Concrete sampling /testing

Special Inspection Services
Reinforced concrete
Structural masonry
Spray applied fireproofing
Structural steel and welding
Post tension concrete
Pile driving and caissons

Laboratory Testing
Arrow Engineering maintains a full-service materials laboratory, specializing in soils, aggregates, concrete and asphalt testing. We participate in correlation/proficiency testing programs with Catrans, AASHTO, and CCRL.
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