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What is a GPS survey? :

GPS stands for Global Positioning Systems.  The Global Positioning System is a satellite-based system established and maintained by the Department of Defense. Civilian uses of the system range from those requiring only approximate accuracies in position, such as navigation and backpacking, to those requiring more stringent accuracies such as Geographic Information Systems and plane and geodetic surveying.  Arrow Engineering performs real-time kinematic (RTK) GPS surveys using Topcon GPS equipment and processing software.  We can provide differential GPS surveys that are fast, efficient and extremely accurate, over localized or very large areas.

These surveys are consistently accurate to the sub-centimeter level. We have recently entered into an agreement to host a receiver site with CalVRS, an Arizona-based company that has established and is expanding a network of GPS base receivers throughout Southern California.  As an active participant in this network we are able to perform GPS surveys throughout the coverage area without the use of a separate base station to provide correction factors to our RTK receivers.  This allows us to move freely anywhere within the network without the need for static GPS, which involves occupation of positions for long periods of time, as well as extensive post-processing of the field data.  We are therefore able to obtain highly accurate locations quickly over either a very large or very small area.  The network coverage currently ranges from San Diego in the south, northwest across Orange, Los Angeles and Ventura Counties to Santa Barbara, east to Palmdale-Lancaster and southeast to Riverside.  It is currently expanding north to Bakersfield and California City, and north and east to the Victorville-Hesperia area.

Within this extensive area we can work in either an assumed coordinate system or we can obtain coordinates based on latitude and longitude for use in GIS mapping or any other application that requires coordinates based on latitude and longitude, UTM zone, State Plane zone, or any of the standard zones and map projections.

The utilization of GPS hardware, the latest releases of AutoCAD, Civil3D, and AutoCAD Land Desktop software enables us to produce accurate data for our client's use. The applications for GPS are almost limitless. The efficiency and accuracy of the GPS system make it the ideal tool for ALTA surveys, boundary surveys, design surveys, mapping, control surveys, and many other applications.

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