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What is a Parcel Map? :

The term parcel map refers to the process of dividing property for purposes of "sale, lease, or finance:. It is a legal mechanism to subdivide real property into smaller parcels. Typically, a maximum of four (4) residential parcels can be created with a parcel map.

The parcel map process is typically used by landowners who are not "developers," but who happen to have a large piece of property and desire to create smaller parcels. A landowner can usually only use the parcel map process once.

The first step in subdividing land is to determine if such a proposal is feasible. Zoning and general plan designation for the site will determine if the land can be subdivided, and the minimum lot size.

The next step is to hire a licensed land surveyor or registered civil engineer. They will work with the appropriate agencies to ensure that approval of the tentative parcel map and recordation of the final parcel map comply with all local and state requirements.

Our firm will assist in satisfying the conditions of approval, prepare the survey and map, as well as any engineered plans After preparing plans and maps, we usher the plans through agency map and plan checks, and help obtain clearances from all affected departments and agencies.

Overall, the tentative map stage of an application takes at least three or four months, and the final parcel map stage takes at least an additional three to four months.

Once all of the conditions are met and the final parcel map is recorded, the individual parcels may be sold separately or used for indiviual financing. If you have questions about the land division process, please contact our firm. We have years of experience with this type of application and look forward to the possibility of assisting you.

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